Design & manufacture bellow-based solutions


We can design & manufacture bellow-based solutions in Stainless steel, Inconel, Copper alloy or Titanium for demanding applications.


Our engineering team is strong and tailored for build-to-spec projects with seven product engineers to manage designs & qualifications for new products and five process engineers to sustain optimal manufacturing conditions for volume production.

Our knowledge covers domains such as CAD, FEM, stress calculation, Thermal calculation, Fatigue, addictive manufacturing & cryogenic. We have simulation & analysis software licenses to build CAD models and to run CFD, static & non-linear calculations.

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We settled our own mechanical laboratory to perform in-house most of the qualification test expected by our customers. It includes fatigue testing to confirm the number of compression/extension cycles supported, pressure cycling test or even proof pressure test to determine the amount of pressure that will cause a failure.

We can customize our test benches to fit with product specification expectations. We can also manage vibration & other environmental tests with the support of our partners, and provide a fully qualified solution to our customers.

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Senior Calorstat is capable to manufacture metal bellows from metal coil till welded assembly. All stamping, tubing, pickling, forming & testing operations are realized in-house, in our factory located in Dourdan, close to Paris in France.

Our manufacturing department designs & realizes the specific tooling requested for the production of customized solutions.

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Welding & Brazing

Senior Calorstat is Nadcap welding accredited for special welding and brazing processes. We develop and deliver to our customers bellows assemblies which can be directly integrated in their devices. We manage the welding of Inconel® 625 & 718, Stainless steel, titanium and the brazing of copper alloys with high expertise in thin wall assemblies.

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Non-Destructive Testing

To support development & production of our products we got in-house capabilities for several Non-Destructive Test (NDT) such as helium leak test, Digital Radiography Testing and Penetrant Testing.

We are Nadcap certifed for Non Destructive Testing.
Our Inspectors are Cofrend level 2 certified for Penetrant Testing and digital Radiography Testing.

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Surface Treatment

More than 25 years ago we developed our own pickling capabilities to support our manufacturing process. We improved our processes through the time and we can now offer AMS2700 compliant pickling service for 3rd parties. We cover material such as stainless steel, copper & titanium. We can process small parts about a few millimetres up to 1 meter long parts.

Since 2020 we commissioned two automated pickling lines Industry 4.0 ready with a high level of pickling control.

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Quality Controls

We offer a large quality control range of semi-finished & finished goods. Our quality department controls all incoming raw materials & products.

Mechanical & chemical tests are done on raw material in order to guarantee the optimum mechanical characteristics of our bellows. Senior Aerospace Calorstat is certified ISO 9001 and EN9100.

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