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Our products are designed for demanding Aerospace, space, Industrial, energy applications. Most of our solutions can be delivered in Stainless Steel, Inconel or even Titanium.

Metallic Bellows

We developed a wide range of metallic bellows to fulfil precision compensation needs. We can work with materials such as stainless steel, Inconel, titanium or even copper. We have special shapes available, as well as multi-plies design.

We know about hydro forming, mechanical forming and even edge welded bellows technique. We can provide the best design that will fits with your needs.

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Flexible Joints

When sealing & endurance matters, we can design & manufacture flexible solutions such as gimbals, ball joint and other compensators. Those joint will allow angulation and translation for fluid conveyance up to 500°C. We develop Flexible Joints for High Pressure and for Cryogenic conditions.

Our joints are maintenance-free; and they can be supplied in either stainless steel, Inconel or titanium. Our engineering capabilities allows us to adjust the design depending on the service life expected. We develop Flexible Joints for High Pressure and for Cryogenic conditions.

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We offer complex flexible ducting solutions with features such as thermal insulation, easy installation accessories or special shapes. We develop Ductings for High Pressure and for Cryogenic conditions.

Our solutions can withstand misalignments, angulation, extension or vibration event for high pressure & pressure up to 500°C. We develop Ductings for High Pressure and for Cryogenic conditions.

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Regulation Solutions

We deliver below-based regulation solutions and actuators. For this kind of application, the bellows characteristics are very precise, with calibrated stiffness & effective area.

Our products are used for fuel & air regulation for aerospace, but also as pressure sensor.

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Bellows for Valves

Our metal bellows can be used for dynamic sealing. The bellows replaces an o-ring when pressures or temperatures meet the limit of o-ring’s conventional characteristics.

The high reliability allows to use them in many harsh conditions as met in Space, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Vacuum or Cryogenic environments.

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Hydrogen solutions

The global demand for hydrogen is increasing exponentially. Clean energy requirements are emerging for all transportation and manufacturing sectors creating challenges for Hydrogen production, storage and transportation. From pressure and temperature compensation to sealing and compression, Senior Calorstatis applying its design expertise to enable customers to accelerate their global net zero-emission targets.

• Dynamic sealing solutions for High Pressure & Cryogenic valves
• Flexible Joints and Compensation solutions for ductings
• Solutions for Fuel Cells

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Surface Treatment

We developed our automated pickling lines for our internal needs. We will now be offering our services for third parties. We aim to offer a simple & smooth approach for your pickling needs.

We can deliver a high level of pickling control for stainless steel & titanium and we are AMS2700 compliant.

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Volume compensators

Our volume compensator solutions will handle fluid dilatation in applications involving a wide range of temperature. We deliver such products for fuel, hydraulic or cooling applications.

We can work with any fluid, we can handle corrosion risk, and we have a wide range of material & dimensions available.

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